LALUMIÈRE (Catherine)

‒ Born on 3 August 1935 in Rennes (F)

‒ Nationality: French

‒ Member of Parliament for Gironde (1981-1989)

‒ State Secretary to the Prime Minister responsible for the Civil Service and Administrative Reform (1981-1983)

‒ State Secretary to the Minister for Economic Affairs, Finance and the Budget, responsible for Consumer Affairs (1983-1984)

‒ State Secretary to the Minister for External Relations, responsible for European Affairs (1984-1986)

‒ Secretary General of the Council of Europe (1989-1994)

‒ Member of the European Parliament (1994-2004)

‒ Vice-President of the European Parliament (2001-2004)

‒ President of the Maison de l'Europe in Paris

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