DUBOIS (André)

DUBOIS (André)

- Born on 25 February 1930 in Ixelles (B)

- Nationality: Belgian

- PhD in Law; Graduate in Economic and Financial Science (Université libre de Bruxelles)

- Lawyer at the Brussels Bar (1952‒1954)

- Attaché in the Legal Affairs Service of the Special Council of Ministers of the European Coal and Steel Community (1954‒1955)

- Member of the Secretariat of the Intergovernmental Conference on the Common Market and Euratom (Val Duchesse) (1955‒1957)

- Secretariat-General of the Council of the European Economic Community (1): Head of Division: Accessions, Associations and the OEEC (1958–1969)

- Head of the Secretariat at the first conference for accession to the Rome Treaties (1961–1963)

- Director: Accessions, Relations with EFTA Countries, Mediterranean Policy and Trade Policy (1969–1975)

- Deputy Director-General: Trade Policy, Development Cooperation Policy, North/South Conferences, Asia and Latin America (1975–1980)

- Director-General for External Relations and Development Cooperation (1980–1994)

- Special Adviser at the European Commission (1995–1998)

(1) which would become the Council of the European Communities in 1967 and the Council of the European Union in 1993

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