ROTH (Lex)

- Born on 22 June 1933 in Wiltz (L)

- Nationality: Luxembourgish

- Teacher in technical and vocational education establishments (1954–1971)

- Founding President of Actioun Lëtzebuergesch asbl, a cultural association for the promotion and enhancement of the Luxembourgish language (1971)

- Seconded to the Ministry of Cultural Affairs (directed by Pierre Werner) and given responsibility for organising Luxembourgish language courses (1980–1984)

- Coordinator involved in preparations for the Language Law on recognition of the Luxembourgish language (adopted on 24 February 1984) (1982)

- Government adviser in the Ministry of State (1984–1988)

- Director of the Information and Press Service of the Luxembourg Government, Senior Adviser to the Government (1988–1993)

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