Privileged partners

The research project 'Pierre Werner and Europe' notably involves the ongoing consultation of the private archives of the Werner family, focusing on various specific topics. The CVCE has been granted privileged access to these archives through a partnership agreement signed with the Werner family. These archives, which had long remained unexplored, have already yielded a host of original documents that shed new light on various aspects of the European integration process and also on the role of Luxembourg and its European policy. This wealth of archive material presents two decades of European integration history from the perspective of a figure who was involved in a wide range of debates and decisions on European issues by means of his various political roles between 1959 and 1984.



The Pierre Werner Foundation

The Pierre Werner Foundation is a public-interest institution that was set up on 22 December 1993 to promote and uphold the achievements of Luxembourg statesman Pierre Werner, former President of the Government and Honorary Minister of State.

The European Merit Foundation

The European Merit Foundation (FME) is a Luxembourgish non-profit association that was set up in 1970. Its honorary chairman is the Prime Minister of Luxembourg; from 1995 to 2013 this role was held by Jean-Claude Juncker, and the current incumbent is Xavier Bettel. The FME's aim is to recognise the achievements of individuals, and occasionally organisations, for their outstanding role in the advancement of the European ideal or for specific transnational accomplishments over and above their purely professional achievements. Its motto is: Wanting Europe, understanding its problems, acting for its achievement. For several years the FME has been awarding medals (gold, silver and bronze) to nationals from the European Union Member States. Several countries have established an Order of Merit to honour their citizens, but the FME is the only Order of Merit to be officially recognised on a European basis. The FME aims to grow and develop so that it can respond to the current challenges facing Europe by organising and taking part in academic and other conferences that promote the European ideal, particularly among young people. This year, the FME is planning to set up a medal-winners' association for those who have already been awarded medals, with the aim of involving them and using their talent and expertise in the promotion of the European ideal.

Triffin International Foundation

The aim of the Triffin International Foundation (FIT), originally chaired by Alexandre Lamfalussy and currently headed by Bernard Snoy, is to extend the scientific work and intellectual legacy of Robert Triffin (1911–1993) with regard to the International Monetary System, and more generally the fields of economics, finance and social sciences. The FIT's activities fall into three main categories: teaching (the Robert Triffin Chair), research and the transfer of knowledge (conferences, seminars and workshops; print and online publications).