Publication of the book ‘Pierre Werner et l’Europe: pensée, action, enseignements/ Pierre Werner and Europe: His Approach, Action and Legacy’

The publisher P.I.E. Peter Lang has recently published the book ‘Pierre Werner et lEurope: pensée, action, enseignements/ Pierre Werner and Europe: His Approach, Action and Legacy’, edited by Elena Danescu, Researcher at the CVCE, and Susana Muñoz, the CVCE’s Head of European Integration Studies.

This publication provides a record of the international conference organised by the CVCE and its partners — the Pierre Werner Foundation, Robert Triffin International, the European Commission Representation in Luxembourg and the University of Luxembourg — and held on 27 and 28 November 2013 to mark the centenary of the birth of Pierre Werner. The conference was an opportunity for some 30 researchers from different horizons (historians, economists, legal experts and political scientists), together with major players in economic and monetary affairs, to speak about the personality and achievements of this Luxembourg statesman, analyse his European vision and offer an international perspective on the relevance of his approach in light of the challenges facing us in the 21st century.

The proceedings of the conference are accompanied by forewords from Professor Kenneth Dyson, a member of the British Academy, and Jean-Claude Trichet, former President of the European Central Bank, as well as transcriptions of the opening lecture by Hans Tietmeyer, former President of the Bundesbank and a member of the Werner Committee, and the closing lecture by Philippe Maystadt, Belgian Minister of State and former President of the European Investment Bank.

Several of the papers offer new insights based on the authors’ exploration of the Werner family archives, to which the CVCE has been given privileged access during the ‘Pierre Werner and Europe’ research project. The aim of these proceedings is to offer a series of observations and conclusions that encourage further interdisciplinary analysis of Economic and Monetary Union from a long-term perspective and invite readers to find out more about the European integration process through the vision and actions of one of its instigators.

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Bibliographical reference/Danescu, E. & Muñoz, S. (eds.). Pierre Werner and Europe: pensée, action, enseignements/Pierre Werner and Europe: His Approach, Action and Legacy. Proceedings of the international conference. Luxembourg, 27–28 November 2013.

Contents: Kenneth Dyson: Mastering Small-State Diplomacy. Pierre Werner in the History of European Monetary Union — Jean-Claude Trichet: The Future of Economic and Monetary Union in the Light of Pierre Werner’s Legacy — Marianne Backes: Avant-propos/Preface — Hans Tietmeyer: Der Werner-Bericht als Wegweiser für die Wirtschafts- und Währungsunion — Hans Tietmeyer: The Werner Report as a Route Map to Economic and Monetary Union — Philippe Maystadt: Comment compléter l’UEM dans l’esprit de Pierre Werner? / How Can We Complete EMU in the Spirit of Pierre Werner? — René Leboutte: The New Economic and Monetary Order in the Aftermath of the Second World War — Elena Danescu: Pierre Werner: l’homme et son œuvre – Jan-Willem Brouwer: On the Inequality of States. Dutch Perceptions of Pierre Werner and Luxembourg European Policy, 1959-1984 — Xu Mingqi: Pierre Werner: A Great Man of Vision with a Sense of Mission — Frédéric Clavert: L’apport du numérique aux sciences historiques. Exemple d’une analyse computationnelle des archives Werner — Ivo Maes: The Werner Committee in the Dynamics of the European Integration Process After the December 1969 Hague Summit — Christian Ghymers: Une relecture du plan Werner par rapport à ses antécédents et à ses successeurs — Andreas Wilkens: L’Allemagne fédérale et le ‘plan Werner’ — Marc Dierikx: The Dutch ‘Contribution’ to the Werner Plan — Paolo Tedeschi: Le rapport Werner et les milieux industriels italiens — Marie-Claude Esposito: Le plan Werner, un enjeu dans la négociation pour l’adhésion du Royaume-Uni à la Communauté économique européenne? — Piet Clement: From the Werner Report to the Delors Report — Sylvain Schirmann: Georges Pompidou et les questions monétaires européennes — Hanspeter K. Scheller: The Werner Plan and the Delors Report: One or Two Approaches to EMU? — Jean-Claude Koeune: Challenges and Prospects for EMU — Lorenzo Bini Smaghi: The Werner Plan After the Euro — Alfred Steinherr: Is Germany the Main Beneficiary of the Euro? — Sir Brian Unwin: EMU at the Crossroads: Quo Vadis? — David Howarth and Lucia Quaglia: Banking Union as the Crowning of EMU — Blanche Sousi: Activité et contrôle des établissements de crédit dans l’Union européenne. Du rapport Werner à l’Union bancaire — Bernard Snoy: Pierre Werner et l’Europe: pensée, action, enseignements / Pierre Werner and Europe: His Approach, Action and Legacy — Luc Frieden: Financial Services in a Changing World — Charles Ruppert: La Fondation Pierre Werner: quelques considérations.