Academic steering committee

At the end of each stage of the project, the results are subject to peer review by an academic steering committee and are published as research corpora or subject files.

The steering committee for the ‘Pierre Werner and Europe' research project is composed of the following eminent experts in the field of European integration:

  • Professor René Leboutte — Director of Studies for the Master's in Contemporary European History at the University of Luxembourg; since 2009, holder of the ad personam Jean Monnet Chair in European integration;
  • Professor Sylvain Schirmann — Director of the Institute of Political Studies at the University of Strasbourg, Director of the Research Centre on the History and Civilisation of Western Europe and Chairman of the Academic Committee at the Robert Schuman House;
  • Professor Ivo Maes — Holder of the Robert Triffin Chair at the Institute of European Studies of the Université catholique de Louvain (UCL) and Senior Adviser for Historical Studies in the Research Department at the National Bank of Belgium.

The first digital research corpus is entitled ‘A rereading of the Werner Plan in the light of the Pierre Werner family archives'. This corpus is geared towards the academic community and is intended to be used for in-depth research. It was first published at in December 2012 following the unanimous positive evaluation of the academic steering committee.