Pierre Werner centenary: recordings now available online

On 27 and 28 November 2013, to mark the centenary of Pierre Werner's birth, the CVCE organised a series of events in collaboration with prominent partners to pay tribute to this eminent Luxembourg politician.

The round table with key players and eyewitnesses, organised in association with the European Merit Foundation, the Pierre Werner Institute, the Cercle Pierre Werner and SES, involved participants from Luxembourg and Europe, including members of the Werner family, whose accounts shed light on Pierre Werner and his personality, views and actions. At the round table, POST Luxembourg also issued a commemorative stamp for the centenary featuring a portrait of Pierre Werner. The debates and opening message by European Commission President José Manuel Barroso are now available in full here.

The international conference, organised in cooperation with the Pierre Werner Foundation, the University of Luxembourg and the Triffin International Foundation and with the support of the European Commission Representation in Luxembourg, brought together renowned experts, researchers and major players in economic and monetary affairs, who shared their thoughts on the European achievements of Pierre Werner and their relevance in the 21st century. The sessions held on 27 November and 28 November can now be consulted online.

To mark the centenary, the CVCE produced a biographical documentary entitled ‘Pierre Werner, a European vocation'. This documentary, published at http://www.cvce.eu/werner/centenary/documentary, is primarily composed of video accounts by major players in the European integration process recorded by the CVCE as part of its ‘Pierre Werner and Europe' research project, as well as images and photos from the Pierre Werner family archives, to which the CVCE has been granted exclusive access.