Letter from John Bushell to Cecil Gough on the controls performed by the Agency for the Control of Armaments (London, 15 February 1957)

On 15 February 1957, John Bushell from the British Foreign Office sends a letter to Cecil E. Gough at the Ministry of Defence. in which he asks for clarification about the armaments subject to control by the Western European (WEU) Agency for the Control of Armaments (ACA) and the definition of the phrase ‘stationed on the mainland of Europe’, especially in relation to controlling levels of naval forces which spend most of their time in non-European waters.

Quelle und Copyright

Quelle: The National Archives of the UK (TNA). Foreign Office, Political Departments: General Correspondence from 1906-1966. WESTERN ORGANISATIONS (WU): Western European Union - WEU (WUW). Arms Control Agency. 01/01/1957-31/12/1957, FO 371/131152 (Former Reference Dep: File 11191).

Copyright: (c) The National Archives of the United Kingdom

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