Statement by Pierre Messmer to the WEU Assembly’s Committee on Defence Questions and Armaments on 30 May 1960 in Paris (London, 7 June 1960)

On 7 June 1960, the Secretary-General of Western European Union (WEU) circulates to the Council a copy of the statement that Pierre Messmer, French Minister for the Armed Forces, made to the Committee on Defence Questions and Armaments of the WEU Assembly in Paris on 30 May 1960. Pierre Messmer particularly informs the committee about France’s military policy and its participation in the defence of the Western world, emphasising its strategic force and its fighting forces. He discusses France’s nuclear strategy and its efforts to establish a deterrent force. Pierre Messmer also raises the problem of cooperation in the field of armaments, particularly the difficulty of reconciling the military policy of the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) with national defence policies and competition between industries and products on the various markets.

Source et copyright

Source: Council of the Western European Union. Secretary-General’s note. Statement by M. Pierre Messmer, Minister for the Armed Forces, before members of the Assembly Committee on Defence Questions and Armaments – Paris, 30th May 1960. London: 07.06.1960. C (60) 89. Copy 68. 18 p.

Archives nationales de Luxembourg (ANLux). Western European Union Archives. Secretariat-General/Council’s Archives. 1954-1987. Organs of the Western European Union. Year: 1959, 01/11/1959-30/11/1960. File 202.001. Volume 1/2.

Copyright: (c) WEU Secretariat General - Secrétariat Général UEO

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