Brief by the British diplomatic services on nuclear weapons in NATO (October 1960)

In October 1960, the British diplomatic services issue an internal brief intended to guide ministers at the NATO Ministerial Meeting in Paris (16–18 October 1960). The note focuses on the deployment and control of nuclear weapons in the Atlantic Alliance and sets out the position to be adopted on the issues of medium-range ballistic missiles (MRBMs), the stockpile of nuclear weapons and the strategic deterrent.

Source et copyright

Source: The National Archives of the UK (TNA). Cabinet Office and predecessors: Registered Files (1916 to 1965). Defence policy review. 01/01/1958-31/12/1960, CAB 21/4914 (Former Reference Dep: File 19/10/205/2 Pt 3).

Copyright: (c) The National Archives of the United Kingdom

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