Address given by Paul-Henri Spaak (New York, 23 October 1946)

On 23 October 1946, Paul-Henri Spaak, Belgian Foreign Minister and President of the United Nations General Assembly, gives the opening address at the second session of the Assembly in Flushing Meadow, New York.

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Source: Discours d'ouverture de l'ONU / Paul-Henri Spaak.- New York: CLT-UFA [Prod.], 23.10.1946. CLT-UFA, Luxembourg. - SON (00:11:39, Montage, Son original).
CLT-UFA, 45, Boulevard Pierre Frieden, L-1543 Luxembourg.

Photo: Paul-Henri Spaak. OTAN, 16/05/1957. Noir et blanc.

Copyright: (c) CLT/UFA

Photo: Photo OTAN / NATO

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