Explanatory document by the Belgian delegation to the Spaak Committee for the Common Market (18 October 1955)

On 25 October 1955, the Luxembourg Ambassador to Belgium, Lambert Schaus, sends his Foreign Minister Joseph Bech a series of documents given to him by the Belgian Foreign Ministry concerning the preparations for the Common Market within the Spaak Committee. This document, prepared on 18 October, sets out the position of the Belgian delegation on the arrangements for the establishment of a Common Market, particularly with regard to the customs union, governance bodies, the scope of free movement and measures for the harmonisation of the economic systems of the Six.

Source and copyright

Source: Comité intergouvernemental créé par la conférence de Messine. Délégation belge. Schéma belge pour le marché commun. 18 octobre 1955. 13 p.

Archives Nationales de Luxembourg (ANLux). Ministère des Affaires étrangères. Instituts internationaux–Institutions spécialisées–Organisations internationales (1900-1984). Comité intergouvernemental créé par la Conférence de Messine (1955-1957.01). Comité directeur, 1955.07-1955.11, AE-07694.

Copyright: (c) ANLux

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