Cartoon by Million on the Yugoslav crisis (1991)

‘Yugoslavia: “There’s a smell of burning!” “Maybe we should go and take a look …” “There’s no rush!” “Who’ll pay for the water?” “And the overtime?” “Stop pushing!”’ In 1991, French cartoonist Georges Million portrays the hesitations and vain efforts of European diplomacy to resolve the Balkans conflict. At the top of the fire engine ladder, German Chancellor Helmut Kohl holds a fire hose, while French President François Mitterrand tries to start the engine with a crank.

Source and copyright

Source: MILLION, Georges. Guère épais : dessins d'actualité 1991-1994 et dessins d'humour. Albertville: Georges Million, 1994. 168 p. p. 54.

Copyright: (c) Georges Million

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Cartoon by Million on the Yugoslav crisis (1991)