Cartoon by Köhler on the European passport plan (8 January 1976)

‘The “Europe” passport — at least it’s something. And what’s it for? Oh — we were rather thinking of smoke and mirrors …’ On 8 January 1976, German cartoonist Hanns Erich Köhler criticises the disappointing results of European Political Cooperation and condemns the lack of action by the Franco-German duo. Meeting in Rome on 3 and 4 December 1975, the European Council agreed to introduce a uniform European passport that could be issued from 1978 onwards. The cartoonist portrays a disappointed European citizen who had hoped for a real revival of European integration and wonders about the point of the European passport plan. On a crumbling pedestal (the European Community) that looks like it might be about to collapse, we see a smiling French President Giscard and Federal Chancellor Schmidt, accompanied by British Prime Minister Wilson. The two crows and the jackal, traditionally bad omens, do not augur well and seem to mark the end of the EC. The European integration process is in crisis.

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Source: KÖHLER, Hanns Erich. "Der "Europa"-Paß - wenigstens etwas. Und wozu? - Oh - wir dachten ein bißchen ans Augenauswischen - - -" dans Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung Zeitung für Deutschland. Frankfurt/Main: FAZ Verlag GmbH. 08.01.1976, n°6, p.3.

Copyright: (c) Köhler / Wilhelm-Busch-Gesellschaft e.V., Hannover

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Cartoon by Köhler on the European passport plan (8 January 1976)