Digital Toolbox

The CVCE has been working on the development of digital tools that enables you to personalise content from our virtual research infrastructure on We are developing the idea of a Digital Toolbox where you will be able to customise content from all CVCE ePublications. The medium-term goal of the Digital Toolbox is to provide a personalised research infrastructure where you can create, collaborate and comment on your own personal ePublications based on topics in European integration studies. They can be used for teaching, learning or research activities. 

The Digital Toolbox was born from the need to complement the traditional academic approach of acquiring knowledge through reading research results with a more active and immersive experience. We are achieving this with the development of tools that facilitate personalisation and user engagement through both the creation of new ePublications and the contribution to existing ones.

An ePublication is an enhanced publication that provides access to research together with the data and resources used to conduct that research. The CVCE's ePublications are enhanced with a wide range of resources including press articles, photographs, treaties, meeting minutes and notes, historical documents and even videos. The advantage of ePublications is that they give transparency and validity to the underlying research process and the research methods applied. An added benefit is that both ePublications and the data and resources in them can be reused in future ePublications. It is on the basis of these notions of re-use and the need to develop personalisation technology that the Digital Toolbox has been developed.

Using the Digital Toolbox, our diverse groups of users will be able to create their own ePublications according to their specific needs. These needs could be based on research or teaching objectives as well as individual learning outcomes: the toolbox can be tailored to a variety of personal uses. 

The toolbox will enable you to re-use existing data and resources from the entire collection to create new structured ePublications which can be read using the easy-to-use presentation viewer and shared with colleagues, teachers and students.