The subject file ‘Pierre Werner and the European integration process: from the Schuman Plan to the Fontainebleau Summit’ focuses on the period from 1953 to 1984, during which Pierre Werner played an active political role and contributed to some of the major issues in the European integration process.

The subject file adopts an educational approach, offering a clear presentation of some of the European achievements in which the Luxembourg Prime Minister was directly involved, both in an official capacity and on a more personal level. It particularly looks at the merging of the executive bodies, the ‘battle of the seats’, the decision to award Luxembourg the status of ‘permanent capital’ of the European Communities (1965), the ‘Luxembourg Compromise’ (1966), the Werner Report (1970) and, in a broader sense, Luxembourg’s role in the European integration process (1953–1984). This subject file also contains a biographical section about Pierre Werner.

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