Pierre Werner et la construction européenne dans les années 1974-1984

Pierre Werner and the European integration process from 1974 to 1984

In 1974, the Christian Social Party (CSV), which had been in power since 1926, went into opposition. During that parliamentary term (1974–1979), Pierre Werner served as a member of the Chamber of Deputies and became leader of his party’s parliamentary group. In this capacity he gave his views on the major issues relating to European integration at that time, such as the new European Parliament (and the first elections by direct universal suffrage), the reform of the Community institutions and East–West relations.

When his party emerged as the winner in the 1979 general election, Pierre Werner began his last political term as head of the Luxembourg Government. European affairs in the period 1979–1984 would be dominated by the enlargement to the south and the plan for a European union, issues which Pierre Werner monitored closely and analysed in various statements and lectures.

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