Cartoon by Luz on fears of a two-speed Europe (30 September 1992)

On 30 September 1992, as debates are held over the ratification of the Treaty of Maastricht, French cartoonist Renald Luzier, also known as ‘Luz’, deplores the dangers of a two-speed Europe. For opponents of the text, the Treaty of Maastricht and the establishment of Economic and Monetary Union (EMU) threaten to create glaring differences between the Member States. The conditions for economic convergence and the need to introduce a strict economic adjustment plan could lead to the emergence of a two-speed Europe. Much of the criticism levelled by the Treaty’s opponents involves fears of German hegemony in Europe — many French people are concerned that the Europe of Maastricht should become a ‘German Europe’. On the right: Helmut Kohl, Chancellor of an economically strong Germany, is taking the lead within the Franco-German duo and in Europe. Luz also alludes to the illness of President Mitterrand (shown in a wheelchair), which was made public on 16 September 1992.

Source et copyright

Source: LUZ (Renald Luzier). "Non à une Europe à deux vitesses" dans Charlie Hebdo Paris: Charlie Hebdo. 30.09.1992, n°14, p.1.

Copyright: (c) LUZ

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Cartoon by Luz on fears of a two-speed Europe (30 September 1992)