The Pierre Werner family archives, opened for the first time for research purposes, contain a wealth of documents gathered by Pierre Werner from the 1950s onwards, when he started his political career.

The text material (including manuscripts, handwritten notes and comments on official documents, exchanges of letters with various figures, diplomatic correspondence, institutional texts, graphs, diagrams and statistics, as well as a large number of press articles on the European integration process) is accompanied by a substantial collection of images containing a host of photos and original snapshots, together with a series of sound and video recordings.

The photos that we have selected, most of which are published here for the first time, give an overview of Pierre Werner’s long and fruitful public career, illustrating his European vocation, the major events in the European integration process in which he played an active role — particularly the creation of monetary Europe —, and the people who worked alongside him, as well as providing an insight into his personality.

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