‘Resources on the European socio-economic model’ (RESuME) project


The project involves research and teaching activities leading to the production of several products and the organisation of events. The main outputs include a thematic e-publication, oral history interviews, a book, workshops, residencies by visiting scholars, digital tools, e-teaching modules, a training course and a collaborative platform.

The main outcomes are enhanced support for research and teaching activities by young researchers and lecturers; increased opportunities for professional development through innovative resources and tools; and a better understanding of the EU’s contribution to active citizenship. For the CVCE, the main outcomes are an increased ability to create enriched online resources on EU studies; enhanced cooperation with the scholarly and educational communities; and a strengthened position as a reference centre in EU studies and digital humanities.

The outputs will impact both the research and teaching communities, notably by creating knowledge through mutually reinforcing research and teaching activities and by producing new forms of multidisciplinary and multilingual open educational resources.