'The ''Franco-German duo'' and Europe as seen in cartoons (1945–2013)' project


The subject file ‘The "Franco-German duo" and Europe as seen in cartoons (1945–2013)' uses French and German press illustrations to explore the joint action of successive French Presidents and German Chancellors as the driving force of European integration. The rapprochement that began in the early years after the Second World War between France and Germany, two countries that had been long-standing enemies, followed a unique path. The image of a ‘Franco-German duo' and the pair's actions have proved an unending source of inspiration for French and German cartoonists. This file has been compiled to mark the 50th anniversary of the signing of the Élysée Treaty on 22 January 1963, which sealed the historic reconciliation between the two countries. It offers a humorous, quirky interpretation of this important historical period in which a united Europe began to take shape, and reflects on more than 50 years of Franco-German cooperation.

The CVCE would like to thank the peer review committee for its expertise and advice in the compilation of this subject file.

The file is available in French and English; a full German version will follow.

Following the positive opinion delivered by the peer review committee, the subject file is now available on the CVCE site.