'Initiative and constraint in the mapping of evolving European borders' project

Project aims

Building a quality reference for research and didactic purposes on the subject of ‘Initiative and constraint in the mapping of evolving European borders'. Access to this resource will be facilitated by the digital nature of its development and consultation features, with the publication of a digital research corpus and subject file on the CVCE website.

Helping to shed light on new approaches and lines of research related to the project theme, thus enhancing the valorisation possibilities for the project research results, created by a highly active international network of eminent experts.

Assembling unique documents from geographically dispersed archives and revealing their interconnections by comparing and examining them in detail within the thematic work packages and research areas of the project.

Bridging research and European policy-making through in-depth analysis that is sensitive to border issues.

Creating a systematic bibliography of secondary sources on the main project themes.


Link to: Project website