‘The Twelve recognise the independence of Bosnia and Herzegovina’ from Le Monde (8 April 1992)

As the principles of the Carrington-Cutileiro peace plan are accepted by the three ethnic groups making up Bosnia and Herzegovina, the 8 April 1992 edition of French daily newspaper Le Monde describes how the efforts of the EEC Member States should help prevent war breaking out in this new state of the former Yugoslavia.

Source and copyright

Source: Le Monde. 08.04.1992. Paris. http://www.lemonde.fr/cgi-bin/ACHATS/acheter.cgi?offre=ARCHIVES&type_item=ART_ARCH_30J&objet_id=403113. "Les Douze reconnaissent l'indépendance de la Bosnie-Herzégovine et ajournent leur décision sur la Macédoine", auteur:Lemaître, Phlilippe.

Copyright: (c) Le Monde

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