Recommendation 194 of the WEU Assembly on the international trade in armaments (10 December 1969)

On 10 December 1969, the WEU Assembly adopts a Recommendation on the international trade in armaments. In view of the fact that arms are being supplied to war zones with often dramatic consequences, the Assembly recommends that the WEU Council urge member governments to make every effort, at the highest international level and in particular in the framework of the United Nations, to ensure that all trade in armaments is strictly controlled and that an arbitration tribunal is established that is capable of providing a peaceful settlement of international conflicts. The Agency for the Control of Armaments should also prepare a full report for the Committee on Defence Questions and Armaments on armaments exports and on the effects which these exports have on the maintenance of peace in the world.

Source and copyright

Source: Assembly of Western European Union. ‘Recommendation 194 on the international trade in armaments (Paris, tenth sitting, 10th December 1969)’ in Proceedings: Fifteenth ordinary session: Second Part, Vol. IV, Minutes: Official Report of Debates. Paris: Assembly of WEU. December 1969, p. 41.

Copyright: (c) WEU Secretariat General - Secrétariat Général UEO

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