Opinion of Advocate General Francis Geoffrey Jacobs (3 October 2002)

In his Opinion of 3 October 2002, Advocate General Francis Geoffrey Jacobs maintains that the investigative responsibility conferred on OLAF (the Anti-Fraud Office) by the Community legislator is not liable to undermine the operational autonomy of the European Investment Bank (EIB) or its reputation on the financial markets. He also emphasises that the EIB is a body which forms an integral part of the Community framework and that its financial interests are closely linked with the financial interests of the Community.

Source and copyright

Source: "Opinion of Mr Advocate General Jacobs delivered on 3 October 2002 in Case 15/00, Commission of the European Communities v European Investment Bank, in Reports of Cases before the Court. 2003, p. I 7290.

Copyright: (c) Court of Justice of the European Union

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