Note from the Council on relations between the European Communities and the countries of East Africa (Brussels, 17 October 1967)

On 17 October 1967, the Council of the European Communities publishes a communication from the Commission dated 16 October on the average level of tariff preferences granted to the Associated African and Malagasy States (AAMS) for products imported from Member States of the European Economic Community (EEC).

Source and copyright

Source: European Communities. Council. Note. Relations entre la Communauté et les pays de l’Est africain. 17-10-1967. S/929/67 (ESTAF 10). Kept in: Archives historiques de l'Union européenne. BAC-CEE/CEEA Commissions, BAC-08 DGVIII Développement de l'outre-mer (puis Aide au développement). Relations de la CEE avec le Maghreb : relevé et textes des accords-cadre, coopération financière, résultats des délibérations. Volume 2. 1965, BAC-007/1971_0013.

Copyright: Historical Archives of the European Union

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