Note by the Permanent Representatives Committee on the problems related to the merger of the executive bodies (3 October 1963)

In this note dated 3 October 1963, the Permanent Representatives Committee sets out the problems raised, given the current state of the texts in force, by the potential merger of the two Commissions and the High Authority, and of the three Councils.

Source and copyright

Source: Commission européenne – Dorie – Problèmes posés, dans l'état actuel des textes en vigueur, par la Fusion éventuelle des 2 Commissions et de la Haute Autorité, d'une part, et des 3 Conseils, d'autre part. [EN-LIGNE]. [Bruxelles]: Commission européenne, [01.11.2013]. S/627/63, 03.10.1963.

Copyright: Union européenne

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