Mercosur and the trans-European networks (4 June 1996)

In this document faxed on 4 June 1996, the President of the European Centre for Infrastructure Studies (ECIS) writes to François-Xavier Ortoli, former Vice-President and President of the European Commission, former French Minister for Economic Affairs and Finance and former President of the oil company Total, about cooperation between the European Union and Mercosur in the area of transport infrastructures and particularly trans-European networks.

Source and copyright

Source: Mercosur et les Réseaux Transeuropéens. Historical Archives of the European Union 2013, Villa Salviati – via Bolognese 156, I-50139 Firenze – Italy, FXO - 152, 1996, Discours et interventions. 4 p.

Copyright: Archives historiques de l'Union européenne

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