Judgment of the Court, C. Broekmeulen/Huisarts Registrie Commissie, Case 246-80 (6 October 1980)

According to the Court of Justice, in its judgment of 6 October 1981, in Case 246/80, C. Broekmeulen v Huisarts Registratie Commissie, in the absence, in practice, of any right of appeal to the ordinary courts, an Appeals Committee set up by a professional body, which operates with the consent of the public authorities and with their cooperation, and which, after an adversarial procedure, delivers decisions which are in fact recognized as final, must, in a matter involving the application of Community law, be considered as a court or tribunal of a Member State within the meaning of Article 177 of the EEC Treaty (now Article 234 of the EC Treaty).

Source and copyright

Source: Reports of Cases before the Court. 1981. [s.l.].

Copyright: (c) Court of Justice of the European Union

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