Judgment by the Czech Constitutional Court on the Treaty of Lisbon (26 November 2008)

In its judgment of 26 November 2008, the Czech Constitutional Court, following a petition from the Senate, rules that the Treaty of Lisbon is consistent with the constitutional order of the Czech Republic.

Source and copyright

Source: Ústavní soud – Pl. ÚS 19/08: Treaty of Lisbon I [ON LINE]. [Česká Republika]: Ústavní soud, [01.10.2013]. 26.11.2009. http://www.usoud.cz/en/decisions/?tx_ttnews%5Btt_news%5D=484&cHash=621d8068f5e20ecadd84e0bae0527552.

Copyright: (c) Ústavní soud, Joštova 8, Brno, Česká Republika

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