Front page of the French communist daily newspaper L’Humanité on the failure of the EDC (5 September 1954)

‘To the woods to celebrate the victory of Little Red Riding Hood!’ On 5 September 1954, taking inspiration from the story of Little Red Riding Hood, a cartoon by Effel in the French communist daily newspaper L’Humanité illustrates the decision by the French National Assembly not to ratify the Treaty establishing the European Defence Community (EDC). The big bad wolf, wearing a Wehrmacht helmet marked ‘EDC’, is defeated by a young, dynamic Marianne (depicted as Red Riding Hood).

Source and copyright

Source: EFFEL, Jean. "Tous au bois. Pour fêter la victoire du petit chaperon rouge!" dans L'Humanité. Magazine du Parti communiste français. Paris 05.09.1954, n° 310; 7e année.

Copyright: (c) L'Humanité

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