Extract from minutes of the 326th meeting of the WEU Council (20 July 1967)

The meeting of the Council of Western European Union (WEU), held on 20 July 1967, continues the discussions held in previous meetings (documents CR(67)6 and CR(67)16) on relations between the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) and WEU. British delegate Lord Hood speaks about the consequences that France’s withdrawal from the NATO integrated command arrangements might have for WEU. The discussions focus on the documentary controls carried out by the Agency for the Control of Armaments (ACA) and the joint Agency–SHAPE inspections. Given that the review of levels of forces can no longer be carried out within the North Atlantic Council, it will be necessary to find another way of dealing with this matter in practice. Similarly, the Agency will now have to perform alone inspections that were previously carried out jointly. On the first point, French Ambassador Geoffroy de Courcel replies that France would not be in favour of a new procedure, particularly because the country has agreed to continue with existing levels of forces. On the matter of inspections, the procedure can no longer apply since France is no longer a member of SHAPE, but Ambassador Courcel affirms that every facility will be given to the ACA to carry out inspections of French installations, with the exception of atomic weapons.

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Source: Council of the Western European Union. Extract from minutes of the 326th meeting of WEU Council held on 20 July 1967. II. Note on NATO/WEU relations. CR (67)17. pp. 3-11.

Archives nationales de Luxembourg (ANLux). http://www.anlux.lu. Western European Union Archives. Secretariat-General/Council’s Archives. 1954-1987. Interpretation of Brussels Treaty & Paris Protocols. Year: 1967, 01/03/1967-14/06/1968. File 113.2. Volume 2/2.

Copyright: (c) WEU Secretariat General - Secrétariat Général UEO

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