Cartoon by Plantu on the European Councils (1984)

‘For once, I can understand English!’ ‘For the next Summit, we’ve ordered in supplies of aspirin!’ ‘I’m not the one who’s going to pay!!’ ‘What a nightmare.’ It is at European Councils that delicate issues are dealt with in the last instance by the Heads of State or Government. The discussions, often very heated, are followed with interest by the general public. In 1984, the French cartoonist, Plantu, illustrates the trial of strength between the French President, François Mitterrand, and the British Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher, on the issue of the United Kingdom’s contribution to the Community budget.

Source and copyright

Source: Plantu. Le douanier se fait la malle, 20 ans de dessins sur l'Europe. Paris: Le Monde-Éditions, 1992. 166 p. ISBN 2-87899-044-7.

Copyright: (c) Plantu

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Cartoon by Plantu on the European Councils (1984)