Cartoon by Faizant on the Élysée Treaty (23 January 1963)

‘That’s that done! I’ve appointed him General Inspector of Administration on Extraordinary Mission to our Pacified Provinces of Germany.’ On 23 January 1963, despite the recent signing of the Élysée Treaty, French cartoonist Jacques Faizant paints an ironic picture of the very Gaullist conception of international relations and the fate of the pact made with Germany. General de Gaulle wants to restore France’s place in the world by pursuing a policy of independence and grandeur based on a readjustment of France’s relations with the United States and a rejection of any idea of a supranational Europe. Federal Chancellor Adenauer seems irritated by the rather thankless role which falls to him. From left to right: Prime Minister Georges Pompidou and Marianne, the allegorical figure of the French Republic, are informed of the follow-up to the Élysée Treaty by President de Gaulle, while Chancellor Adenauer leaves the presidential palace to go back to the FRG.

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Source: FAIZANT, Jacques. "Voilà une bonne chose de faite! Je l'ai nommé inspecteur général d'administration en mission extraordinaire dans nos provinces pacifiées d'Allemagne." dans Paris-Presse-L'intransigeant. 23.01.1963, n°5637, p.2.

Copyright: (c) Jacques Faizant - Chimulus

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Cartoon by Faizant on the Élysée Treaty (23 January 1963)