Cartoon by Dittrich on the dangers of the EDC (1953)

‘… and why do you have such big teeth? All the better to eat you with!’ In 1953, parodying the tale of Little Red Riding Hood, East German cartoonist Peter Dittrich deplores the dangers of the future European Defence Community (EDC) and the United States’ support for the plan to rearm the Federal Republic of Germany (FRG). For Moscow and East Germany, this process poses a threat to peace, as it encourages the revival of West German militaristic nationalism. A wolf wearing a Wehrmacht helmet with the SS logo (Schutzstaffel), a machine gun around its neck and sharp fangs spelling out the German acronym for the EDC, threatens to devour a little girl with a Phrygian cap, symbolising France. The collusion between West German and US interests is also criticised: US President Eisenhower lies in ambush (wearing the cap of little German Michel), a machine gun slung across his shoulder, observing the scene, and a US flag bearing the name of Federal Chancellor Adenauer is draped across the wolf’s back.

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Source: DITTRICH, Peter. ".und warum hast du so große Zähne? Damit ich dich besser fressen kann!" dans Frischer Wind Berlin: Allgemeiner Deutscher Verlag. 1953, n°50, p.13

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Cartoon by Dittrich on the dangers of the EDC (1953)