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The CVCE at the annual Digital Humanities conference

From 7–11 July 2014, six members of the CVCE had the pleasure of participating in the annual Digital Humanities conference, in Lausanne, Switzerland. The excellent conference programme covered a wide variety of key research fields developed by digital humanists. The overall theme of the conference was Digital Cultural Empowerment, with workshops, papers and posters focusing on ideas associated with bridging the gap between humanities corpora and the digital practices used to explore, analyse, understand and share them.

The CVCE researchers delivered three very well received papers on topics that we are actively researching in the Digital Humanities Lab.

Lars Wieneke and Marten Düring delivered a paper about the CVCE's histoGraph tool, which automatically recognises key European figures within photographs, assigns their name and builds up networks of co-location (who is pictured with whom). See the abstract here.

Florentina Armaselu delivered two papers. The first explored the development of an XML-TEI tool to assist European integration studies researchers in the analysis of the EU treaties. See the abstract here.

The second paper presented her research on the idea of a text zoom to investigate layers of meaning within text — something akin to the zoom used in cartographic mapping. See the abstract here.