DARIAH-EU: the work gets under way!

The CVCE is committed to working towards greater integration in scientific and technological cooperation programmes and initiatives at European level and has spearheaded Luxembourg's participation in DARIAH, the Europe-wide Digital Research Infrastructure for the Arts and Humanities, as a founder member. DARIAH's vision is to facilitate long-term access to and use of digital research data in the field of arts and humanities.

The CVCE is the National Coordinating Institution for DARIAH at European level.

In August 2014, recognising the importance of digital humanities, the European Commission officially conferred on DARIAH the legal status of an ERIC — a European Research Infrastructure Consortium. The fourth General Assembly of DARIAH's General Virtual Competency Centre (VCC), which will be held from 17 to 19 September in Rome, will provide an opportunity to shape this newly created entity along more specific lines.

Luxembourg, a founder member of DARIAH, will be represented at the meeting in Rome by Marianne Backes, Director of the CVCE. The CVCE is the official mouthpiece for DARIAH-LU, which groups together several institutions in Luxembourg with the aim of advancing digital humanities within the Luxembourg research landscape.

Further information is available at www.dariah.eu