A wide variety of internal and external DH projects are ongoing, all of which are geared towards the development of new tools and services for the European integration digital research infrastructure.


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List of projects

Data curation and enrichment

This project focuses on the implementation of an enriched metadata model based on Dublin Core standards to ensure enhanced ease of use, searchability and open accessible linking to all resources and ePublications.

XML-TEI pilot implementation

This project explores new digital editions for ePublications on cvce.eu using state-of-the art XML-TEI and text mining. More information coming soon.

Network Analysis and Visualisation (Netvisa)

The Netvisa project uses social network analysis and visualisation to explore European integration research questions and enables distance reading of ePublications. The project includes the development of an open source version of histograph.

Digital Toolbox

The aim of this project is to create a CVCE.eu Digital Toolbox to enable users to customise content from all the ePublications. The tools will allow users to create, collaborate and comment on personal publications based on themes or historical periods. More information coming soon.

Thematic ePublications

The aim of this project is to improve and enhance the interaction and display of existing and future ePublications. More information coming soon.

Building teaching and lifelong learning modules

This project aims to develop innovative tools for the teaching and learning communities using ePublications. More information coming soon.