Sicco Mansholt


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Photo: Sicco Mansholt. Commission européenne, 1950. Noir et blanc.

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Photo: European Union

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Sicco Mansholt
Date and place of birth
13/09/1908 in Ulrum (Netherlands)
Date and place of death
30/06/1995 in Wapserveen, Drenthe (Netherlands)
Offices held
Socialist Minister for Agriculture and Fisheries (1945–1958)
Author of the plan for a ‘green pool’ (1950–1953)
Member of the EEC Commission (1958–1967)
Author of the Mansholt Plan for a reform of agriculture in the EEC (1968)
Member of the Commission of the European Communities (1967–1973)
President of the Commission of the European Communities (1972–1973)