Memorandum by Lord Mills on oil supplies (London, 30 September 1958)

On 30 September 1958, prior to the next Cabinet meeting, Lord Mills, British Minister of Power, issues a memorandum on oil supplies in which he examines the question of the increase of oil stocks in the United Kingdom in the light of the recent events in the Middle East. The memorandum highlights the measures to be taken by the United Kingdom to cope with a sudden interruption in or cessation of the country’s oil supplies from the Middle East.

Quelle und Copyright

Quelle: The National Archives of the UK (TNA). Cabinet: Memoranda (CP and C Series). C Series. 151-200. Record Type: Memorandum. Former Reference: C (58) 198. Title: Oil Supplies. Author: Mills. 30/09/1958, CAB 129/94/48.

Copyright: (c) The National Archives of the United Kingdom

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