Interview with Peter Smithers: the birth of the Council of Europe (14 October 1998)

Peter Smithers, Member of the Consultative Assembly at the time of its constitution, and Secretary-General of the Council of Europe from 1964 to 1969, recounts the birth of the Council of Europe, conjuring up the enthusiastic atmosphere prevailing among the Members of the Assembly at that time.

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Quelle: Conseil de l'Europe Discours 1949-1999 / Conseil de l'Europe.- Strasbourg: Conseil de l'Europe [Prod.], 1999. Conseil de l'Europe, Strasbourg. - SON (07:54, Montage, Son original).

Photo: Conseil de l'Europe, Strasbourg, F- 67 075 Strasbourg Cedex- France.
Peter Smithers. Conseil de l'Europe. Noir et blanc.

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