Communiqué issued after the Nine-Power meeting (Paris, 21 October 1954)

On 21 October 1954, at the Nine-Power Conference in Paris, the Foreign Ministers of Belgium, Canada, the Federal Republic of Germany, France, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and the United States resume the discussions started at the London Conference, held from 28 September to 3 October 1954, on the subject of European security and integration against the background of an Atlantic community in the throes of development.

Quelle und Copyright

Quelle: Brussels Treaty Organization. Communiqué issued after the Nine-Power meeting held in Paris on 21st October, 1954. Paris: 21.10.1954. 1 p.
CRISTOFINI, Charles, secrétaire général adjoint de l'Union de l'Europe occidentale. La place du Comité permanent des armements de l'Union de l'Europe occidentale dans l'ensemble de la coopération européenne, 1432/SP. [s.l.]: Union de l'Europe occidentale, 09.11.1956. 12 p.

Copyright: (c) WEU Secretariat General - Secrétariat Général UEO

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