Address given by Enrico Gibellieri on the occasion of his election (Luxembourg, 10 October 2001)

On 10 October 2001, on the occasion of his election as the final President of the ECSC Consultative Committee, Enrico Gibellieri summarises the activities of the Committee over the past 50 years and announces that it will be his task to ensure that they can continue with other instruments in a new context, after the expiry of the ECSC Treaty in July 2002.

Quelle und Copyright

Quelle: Consultative Committee, Yearbook, 10 October 2001 - 23 July 2002, President Enrico Gibellieri. Luxembourg: European Coal and Steel Community - Secretariat of the Consultative Committee, 2001-2002.

Copyright: (c) The ECSC Consultative Committee

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