BRU PURÓN (Carlos María)

- Born on 28 February 1927 in Astudillo, Palencia (Spain)

- Nationality: Spanish

- Master's in Law, Notary and member of the Seville College of Notaries (1956)

- Participant in the Fourth Congress of the European Movement, held in Munich (1962)

- Deputy Chairman of Izquierda Democrática (Democratic Left) within the Christian Democracy group (1968‒1977)

- Socialist Member of the Spanish Parliament (1982‒1987)

- Socialist Member of the European Parliament (1986‒1994)

- Vice-Chairman of the Committee on Institutional Affairs and Member of the Committees on Legal Affairs, Rules of Procedure and the Environment, and of the European Parliament's interparliamentary delegations for relations with Israel, Austria and Australia.

- Secretary-General (1982‒1986), President (1986‒1996 and since 2004) and Deputy Vice-President (1996‒2004) of the Spanish Federal Council of the European Movement (CFEME)

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