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Official presentation of the project ‘Pierre Werner and Europe’ and lecture by Jean-Claude Juncker (Luxembourg, 27 January 2011)

Official presentation of the project and lecture by Jean-Claude Juncker (Luxembourg, 27 January 2011)

On 27 January 2011, the European achievements of Pierre Werner were the focus of an event organised in Luxembourg City by the Centre Virtuel de la Connaissance sur l’Europe (CVCE) and the Pierre Werner Foundation at the Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce.

More than 300 eminent figures from the political and diplomatic arena, as well as from banking, academic and cultural circles in Luxembourg and across Europe, were in attendance as Jean-Claude Juncker, Prime Minister and President of the Eurogroup, gave a lecture entitled ‘From the Werner Plan to the euro: 40 years of success and crisis’.

This event, supported by the Luxembourg National Research Fund, also marked the official launch of one of the major research projects currently under way at the CVCE, dedicated to the European vocation and achievements of Pierre Werner, a former Prime Minister, Finance Minister and Foreign Minister of Luxembourg, unanimously recognised as one of the architects of Economic and Monetary Union. The first stage of the research project particularly focuses on the plan for the establishment by stages of an economic and monetary union (more widely known as the Werner Report or the Werner Plan), drawn up by a group of experts chaired by Pierre Werner and officially presented on 8 October 1970 in Luxembourg.

The conference held on 27 January also saw the official inauguration of the Patronage Committee for the ‘Pierre Werner and Europe’ project. This committee, chaired by Jean-Claude Juncker, is composed of 29 members who will support the research activities carried out by the CVCE in connection with this project.

The proceedings of this academic event were published in June 2011.

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