The economic importance of the Ruhr (Pathé Journal, 1946)

In 1946, Pathé Journal (Paris) describes the economic and military importance of the extremely prosperous industrial area of the Ruhr. The strategic importance of this region leads the United States, the United Kingdom, the Benelux countries and France to set up an International Authority for the Ruhr (IAR) in 1949 to monitor the production and sale of steel, coal and coke from the region.

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Source: Pathé Archives, Saint-Ouen, 24, rue du Docteur Bauer - F 93400.
La Ruhr- La Ruhr: Pathé Journal [Prod.], 1946. Pathé Archives, Saint-Ouen. - (01:58, Montage, Son original).

Copyright: (c) Pathé Archives

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