Position of Abel Matutes on the 1996 IGC

In this interview, recorded in January 1996, Abel Matutes, former member of the European Commission and Chairman of the European Parliament’s Committee on Foreign Affairs, Security and Defence Policy, presents Parliament’s expectations with regard to European defence with a view to the Intergovernmental Conference (IGC), due to begin on 29 March 1996 in Turin in order to make preparations for the revision of the Treaty on European Union.

Source et copyright

Source: Parlement européen, Rue Wiertz, 1047 Bruxelles - Belgique.
CIG/PESC- Bruxelles: Parlement européen - Division de l'Audiovisuel [Prod.], 1996. Parlement européen, Bruxelles. - VIDEO (00:01:16, Couleur, Son original).

Copyright: (c) PE 2005-2008 Parlement européen, Unité de l'Audiovisuel

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