Extract from minutes of the 483rd meeting of the WEU Council (11 September 1974)

The Council of Western European Union (WEU) agrees to mention that common defence is ‘one and indivisible’ and that the presence of Canadian and United States armed forces in Europe plays an irreplaceable role in the defence of North America as well as that of Europe. Moreover, European military forces also defend both Europe and the North American continent. Consequently, the Council rejects any notion of ‘compensation’.

Source et copyright

Source: Council of the Western European Union. Extract from minutes of the 483rd of WEU Council held on 11 September 1974. Questions concerning the Assembly. CR (74) 14. 1 p.

Archives nationales de Luxembourg (ANLux). http://www.anlux.lu. Western European Union Archives. Secretariat-General/Council’s Archives. 1954-1987. Organs of the Western European Union. Year: 1973, 01/1/1973-20/09/1974. File 202.413.999.09. Volume 1/1.

Copyright: (c) WEU Secretariat General - Secrétariat Général UEO

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