‘Europe celebrates its motto in Caen’ from the Ouest-France (10 May 2005)

In an article published on 10 May 2005, the daily newspaper Ouest-France, organiser of the competition Une devise pour l’Europe (A motto for Europe), describes the ceremony which was held on 9 May, Europe Day, at the Caen Peace Memorial. A thousand young Europeans took part in order to proclaim the new motto of the European Union — ‘United in diversity’ — officially enshrined in the 2004 Treaty establishing a Constitution for Europe.

Source et copyright

Source: ouestfrance-ecole.com. Devise pour l'Europe. [EN LIGNE]. [s.l.]: Ouest-France Multimédia, [14.04.2006]. Disponible sur http://www.ouestfrance-ecole.com.

Copyright: (c) Ouest-France école

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