Die Sozialistische Bewegung für die Vereinigten Staaten von Europa

The Socialist Movement for the United States of Europe (MSEUE)

The Movement for the Socialist United States of Europe, whose President was André Philip, was born in Montrouge, near Paris, in June 1946, out of the will to create a Socialist Europe independent of the USA and of the USSR. It endeavoured to link up with the former internationalist tradition of the Socialist Parties, and its initial objective was to create a Socialist programme for a united Europe. However, after the start of the Cold War, this ideological stance gradually gave way to a more cooperative approach, which led the movement to devote itself further to European integration. In 1947 it also changed its name to the Socialist Movement for the United States of Europe (MSEUE); this reflected its belief that Europe must first be created before the fight began for it to be Socialist.

Its organisers praised European unification, but they could not envisage a united Europe without Germany participating and without the participation of Great Britain and the Scandinavian countries in particular, as they believed that those countries were more imbued with the Socialist spirit than the Six that formed the ‘mini-Europe’. With regard to economic issues, the MSEUE called for central planning of Europe’s basic industries and investment, in order to enable under-developed European and overseas countries to achieve economic progress.

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